Retina Doctor Columbia

If a serious medical ailment affects a body part as sensitive as the eye you need expert vision care from our Columbia retina doctor. Even among ophthalmologists not all eye doctors are created equal if there is a serious problem involving the retina you want to see a doctor who specialize in diseases that affect the retina and can lead to vision degradation and loss. Suburban Eye Associates is dedicated to detecting and treating diseases of the retina and has specific training, experience and equipment to diagnose retinal problems through a retinal exam and then treat those problems.

Vision care is important for detecting eye diseases affecting the crucial part of the eye that is located at the back of the eyeball and whose light-sensitive tissue focuses images of the world that are sent to the brain. Our Columbia retina doctor specializes in diagnosing and treating diseases and conditions of the retina and macula among adults and children including age-related macular degeneration, retinal tears and detachments, diabetic retinopathy, neonatal vitreous hemorrhages, retinopathy of prematurity, pediatric retina tumors, uvritis and retinitis among many other diseases and ailments as well as a specialty in ocular oncology. Our office is equipped with the very latest in ocular diagnostic equipment and technology to assist in both the diagnosis and treatment of retinal and macula diseases including cutting edge ocular imaging technology and laser surgery.

Our Columbia retina doctor will perform tests such as eye angiography, digital fundus (retinal) photography fluorescein angiography, digital high-speed indocyanine, green angiography, optical coherence tomography, and B-scan ultrasonography in order to pinpoint any abnormalities. Our doctors are skilled surgeon that can repair whatever conditions are found using either traditional surgical techniques or laser surgery. Our physician also employs other cutting edge treatments when treating conditions affecting the retina well as monitoring program to track the progression of diseases and unique drug and DNA-based treatments. If there is a problem affecting your retina or macula please make an appointment with our office and let one of our experts look deeply into your eyes.

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